Big Data Analytics

Data Lake Solution

The ability to correlate data from multiple systems
provides invaluable results to telecommunications providers.  Working with our client, we established an overall program management solution to consume, correlate and analyze key data sets from their network applications. Key aspects of the program:

  • Data Governance solution - evaluating and implementing a data governance program to ensure both data quality and controls are in place
  • Data Ingestion - working with various groups within the organization to automate the receiving and loading of hundreds of data sets
  • Analytics & Reporting - identifying business needs of the user community to design, develop and deliver actionable results
  • Program Management - overseeing deployment in all aspects of the project

telecom expense management

Automation & Cost Reduction

Working with a Tier 1 telecommunications provider, a comprehensive approach was taken to automate cost reduction and improve business processes.  The project began with a full assessment of tools and processes used to manage network costs. Our team provided an evaluation of available solutions on the market, and based on business needs, determined building an in-house solution was the best model.  Aesa provided program management, subject matter expertise and full solution design to implement and train users on better management of network costs.

Organizational efficiency

New Product Deployment

Efficiently deploying new products and services
can be an overwhelming task for growing telecom providers. Clear communication and automation of business processes across sales, marketing, the technical field, billing and customer support is imperative to providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Working with a rapidly growing carrier, Aesa established a comprehensive playbook and program to efficiently deploy new products and services across the board.  The solutions implemented ensure nothing is missed from the time a customer places an order to billing and customer support.